Simply Keto – Berlin, DE

Fantastic to see a Keto Café in Berlin’s Mitte district. A definite focus on the more vegan / gluten free side of camp keto but great to see all the same.

The place is bright and cheerful with a library of different paleo, keto, and similar cookbooks, tip books, and others. Lots of BPC (bullet proof coffee) accoutrements. Maybe a few too many for my liking.

They sell a lot of their own stuff fresh and also have a selection of ingredients and prepared foods you can buy. Loads of MCT oil and coconut oil as well as a variety of sweeteners and bulking agents you might use if cooking yourself.

There’s a definite coffee shop, relax, chat and hang out vibe at play here. Plenty of seating outside.

Simply Keto is the first real world Keto Café I’ve seen and they seem to be doing well. The manager, Dominique, says they are opening a few more locations across Germany.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Berlin.

Invalidedstraße 154
Berlin, DE 10115

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