Whey’d Protein Powder

In the crowded space of protein powder, Whey’d stands out. It’s a UK based company and they make a fantastic product. It’s light and not bloating and full off nice supplements, which means fewer things to worry about. It’s low calorie but very filling. I love adding it to unsweetened almond milk with a bit of Fage or Coconut yoghurt for my breakfast. The company also focuses on sustainability and their products are vegetarian.

The powder comes in two flavours – Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream – plus a natural, unflavoured version. They’re both pretty good but the Strawberries & Cream variant is a bit sweet for me. Both are about 85 kcal per 24g (one scoop) per serving, which are almost all from protein. Carbs are negligible (0.6g) as is fat (0.3g), which is why I add in the yoghurt.

 Each serving has: 

  • 5.2g – 5.5g of BCAA’s (18% higher than the world’s best selling whey protein)
  • 2.2g – 2.3g of Leucine
  • 4g – 4.2g of glutamine
  • 5 X CLA than grain-fed cows whey

There are a variety of sizes that range from single use sachets at 24 g to 2 Kg bag (100 servings). A standard sized 30 serving bag costs £33.99. The company sells shakers and offers a few bundles of various sizes.

If you want to buy locally (UK), are looking for a high protein, low carb and low cal powder, Whey’d is definitely one of the best options you’ve got. It’s tasty enough that I’ve never got tired of it and I love the sachets for business travel.

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