Keto + Strength Training

There’s a lot about a ketogenic that’s either counterintuitive or counter to what you’ve learned or heard about diet over the years. Fat is good. Corn is bad. Low fat is bad. High fat is good. Don’t eat too much protein even if you’re working out. Up is down. Black is white. Cats and dogs, living together. You get the picture.

Well, for those of us that are living a keto lifestyle and like to workout , we’ve had to learn a whole other set of counterintuitive lessons. For example: Diet before Exercise always but also forget about cardio, focus on strength. Learn what HIIT is and break yourself with some tabata. New words. New techniques. New goals.

No one is a bigger and better proponent of this way of thinking than Mr. Keto Gains himself, Luis Villasenor, aka Mr. Ketogains. You should definitely read his blog (, subscribe to his sub-reddit (, get his 5×5 Mobile App ( and check out his YouTube videos. The one above will give you a great taste of what’s on offer.

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